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Housing Policies

Living in a community requires each member of the community to take responsibility for their personal safety, the security of their belongings, and the safety and respect of others. Students and their guest(s) residing in student housing are expected to abide by all policies outlined in the Room and Board Agreement. Students are expected to make their guest(s) aware of and assure they follow these policies. The following policies are taken from the Housing Conduct Code section of the Room and Board Agreement

  1. Alcohol and Other Drugs: Housing prohibits the consumption or possession of alcohol (including empty or partially full containers of alcohol), illegal substances, and drug paraphernalia (including anything resembling a bong i.e: hookah and tobacco pipes).
  2. Dangerous Devices: Housing prohibits the possession, use, or threatened use of firearms or projectile weapons (including, but not limited to, any gun or facsimile, stun guns, water guns, and slingshots), ammunition, knives larger than 4 inches, martial arts weapons, explosives, dangerous chemicals, water balloons, or any other objects considered weapons on college property.
  3. Fire Safety: Residents may not possess, display, or burn flammable materials (including, but not limited to, fireworks, candles, incense, gasoline, kerosene lamps, and open cooking elements). Also, residents may not hang anything from the ceiling, including sheets covering light fixtures.
  4. Mattress Pad or Cover: All residents are required to have a mattress pad or cover on their bed.
  5. Pets: Residents may not have animals live or visit them in their apartments.
  6. Tobacco: The College prohibits the use of any tobacco products (including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and E-cigarettes) in any manner within the confines of the apartment and buildings. Tobacco use is only permitted within in designated "Tobacco Use Areas".

NOTE: Please be aware that these are some but not all of our housing policies. To read all of the policies in full please review the Housing Conduct Code portion of the Room and Board Agreement.

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