Computer Requirements


If you plan to bring a computer with you to Southwestern Oregon Community College, and would like to have Internet and email access using your personal computer, you must connect your computer to the campus network in order to receive your Internet service. If you deliver your computer to the ITS office in Randolph Hall Room 7 to be configured for the College network, you will still have access to computers in the Willamette River computer lab in Student Housing (24/7) or on the fourth floor of Tioga Hall on campus (during regular working hours Monday-Friday).

The campus network cannot be bypassed by accessing local dialups (using phone modem, DSL, or cable modem) with an alternate Internet Service Provider. All local ISP access numbers are blocked in the campus phone switch. Television is by satellite, not cable. DSL is not available because all telephone lines pass through the College’s phone switch. Consequently, the only way to have Internet access and email on a personal computer is to connect to the campus network.

To protect the campus network, your computer, and the quality of Internet access for all users, the College has implemented the following procedures and requirements before your personal computer can be connected to the campus network.

  1. All computers must have a legal copy of Windows 2000, Windows XP (Professional or Home), Vista, or Mac 10.3 or better.
  2. All computers must have a Wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) or an Ethernet NIC, properly installed driver and an Ethernet network cable (the cord that connects the computer jack to the wall jack; this network cable has connectors that are wider than a standard telephone jack).
  3. All computers must have a current and up to date Anti Virus program installed and running to access the internet. The College can provide a free virus checking software if needed. * Any Antivirus program with a firewall as a part of the program or a standalone firewall program may need additional configuration. To see what settings need to be made go to select Current Student then select Student Technology Handbook. See Firewall settings for the Safe Connect Key.
  4. If you need help getting your computer to access the internet you can contact the ITS office at 888.7225 or 888.7426 or deliver your computer to Randolph Hall room 7 on campus during scheduled hours (8:00am to 5:00pm Mon.-Fri.)Where the work can be performed (If a laptop, include power adapter).

For more information, please see the Student Technology Handbook on the ITS website.

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