OEBB has contracted with BenefitHelp Solutions (BHS) to administer COBRA.

If you are eligible for COBRA, OEBB will send you COBRA election notices. This is no longer done by Human Resources. Should you elect to participate in COBRA, payments will be made through BHS. Please make payments payable to BenefitHelp Solutions and payments can be mailed to, P.O. Box 67240, Portland, OR 97268-1240.

You may contact BHS directly at 1.800.556.2230 or via the Web at http://www.benefithelpsolutions.com


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MYOEBB enrollment/change webpage: Go here to change or enroll for your plan selection BEFORE September 15. You may update your personal information at anytime from this page. If you have questions, please contact Lisa (x7280) or Jan (x7259) in HR.