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Institutional Effectiveness at Southwestern

Southwestern is committed to a practice of evaluating and assessing the effectiveness of the College. The College’s Institutional Effectiveness process is an ongoing, institution wide process of planning and assessment for the purpose of continuous improvement and to provide evidence that the College is effectively achieving its Mission. The planning and assessment processes support institutional effectiveness through the development of a Strategic Plan and associated goals. The Strategic Plan goals are derived from the program reviews conducted across campus and from the planning process that occurs at the unit, reporting unit, functional areas, and institutional levels of the College. Planning and goal setting provide the basis for the administration to allocate resources, adapt to changes in the environment, and coordinate activities leading to fulfillment of the College Mission.

Southwestern demonstrates achievement of Mission Fulfillment by successfully meeting the Objectives of our Core Themes. To ensure itself and the public that Southwestern is meeting its goals and fulfilling its Mission, the College monitors the Institutional Level Success Indicators for each of the Core Theme Objectives. Core Themes are mapped to individual Institutional Level Success Indicators and reviewed each year for applicability, annual target levels, and with consideration of new or the deletion of an indicator or measure. All success indicators are assessable and meaningful to the College whether at an institutional level, reporting unit level, or unit level. The Institutional Effectiveness All College Success Indicators were used to identify the Institutional Level Success Indicators used to demonstrate Mission Fulfillment and the effectiveness of the College. Each Core Theme Objective is measured against a baseline figure established in the 2009-10 academic year and then annual targets were set for each success indicator.

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