Institutional Effectiveness

Core Themes

Southwestern is guided by four Core Themes that are associated with objectives and measured by Core Theme Objective Indicators with the current themes and objectives effective with 2012-13 listed below. 

Learning and Achievement

Learning and Achievement is at the core of the College Mission focusing on aspects of student achievement and success.


LA1:  Students demonstrate progress
LA2:  Students complete certificates, degrees, and transfer
LA3:  Students demonstrate that they have met institutional learning outcomes

Learning and Achievement Core Theme Indicators


Access is an essential element of the mission for Southwestern to provide learning opportunities that meet current and future educational needs of the student and communities it serves.


A1:  Students access varied learning opportunities
A2:  Students access services that support learning
A3:  Students access relevant curricula that support lifelong learning and achievement

Access Core Theme Indicators

Community Engagement

The College supports the building of strong partnerships and provides opportunities for the staff and community to participate in diverse activities and events.


CE1:  Southwestern serves our communities by providing quality training and business development to address the changing community workforce needs
CE2:  Southwestern provides our community members access to a wide range of quality, lifelong learning activities
CE3:  Our community members participate and contribute to the Foundation in support of the College

Community Engagement Core Theme Indicators


Sustainability is represented by the statement meeting the needs of today without sacrificing the needs of the future. Southwestern recognizes that a strong infrastructure of all resources supports all the other Core Themes to achieve solid instructional and student services programs. Southwestern is dedicated to sustaining all of our resources: human, fiscal, technological, and physical.


S1:  Southwestern provides responsible fiscal management
S2:  Southwestern builds and maintains a sustainable infrastructure of human, technology, and facility resources
S3:  Southwestern delivers viable quality instruction

Sustainability Core Theme Indicators


Prior Year Core Themes, Objectives, and Success Indicators for 2010-11 through 2011-12

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