Mission Fulfillment

Southwestern demonstrates achievement of Mission Fulfillment by successfully meeting the Objectives of our Core Themes.

Mission Fulfillment Threshold

The College will attain 70% of all indicators within the achieved or minimally achieved range.

The achievement of each indicator is measured in terms of a range based on a corresponding threshold level and represented by an achievement status of:  Green—achieved, Yellow—minimally achieved, or Red—not achieved.

The threshold of Mission fulfillment is defined in terms of the Core Themes:

  • Mission fulfillment is defined as attaining Core Theme fulfillment for each of the four Core Themes.
  • Core Theme fulfillment is defined as attaining 70% of all the Core Theme’s data indicators within the achieved or minimally achieved range.
  • The minimum threshold of Mission fulfillment is defined as attaining 70% or better of all indicators within the achieved or minimally achieved range.

Mission Fulfillment was defined slightly different for 2010-11 through 2011-12. Prior information is located on the webpage at: http://www.socc.edu/ie/pgs/mission-fulfillment/mission-fulfilment-2010-2011-2011-2012/index.shtml

Mission Fulfillment Reports

2012-13 Report and Dashboard - Missioin Fulfillment Achievement Rate:  93%

2011-12 Report - Mission Fulfillment Achievement Rate:  75%

2010-11 Report  - Mission Fulfillment Achievement Rate:  71%


Mission Fulfillment Threshold

The Institutional Managers (IM) and College Council (CC) groups affirmed the Mission fulfillment threshold established in fall 2010. As part of the continuous improvement process and accreditation standard requirements, a review of the current threshold along with practices in the northwest region revealed multiple methods to assess Mission fulfillment with several institutions adopting a similar approach as Southwestern. Steps to determine Mission Fulfillment were added to establish a procedure to calculate overall achievement (70% of all indicators) as well as adding three levels that identify achievement status. These steps provide a clear method to calculate achievement of core theme objectives and Mission Fulfillment and to classify achievement of each indicator with respect to the associated objective. The Mission fulfillment threshold was discussed at the Board of Education Retreat held in September 2012 as well as vetted in IM and CC meetings held in January and February 2013. The current version was presented at the February 25, 2013, Board of Education meeting.


Accreditation Requirement:

1.A.2   The institution defines mission fulfillment in the context of its purpose, characteristics, and expectations. Guided by that definition, it articulates institutional accomplishments or outcomes that represent an acceptable threshold or extent of mission fulfillment.

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