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FLAG - Field Tested Learning Assessment Guide - Science, Math, Engineering, & Technology

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Program Level Student Learning Outcome Tools - Community College of Philadelphia Website

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Data related to our local community and region is available from several data tool sources located at:

Data Tools

State Resources

State of Oregon Initiatives - be sure to scroll down toward the bottom of the state page to locate the link:

Southwestern Library Resources
Brennan, Robert L  
   Educational Measurement, Fourth Edition :  2006 IR Office
Nichols, James O  
   A practitioner's handbook for institutional effectiveness and student outcomes assessment implementation: 1995 SOCC Library
   A Road Map For Improvement of Student Learning and Support Services Through Assessment SOCC Library
   Assessment case studies:  common issues in implementation with various campus approaches to resolution: 1995 SOCC Library
   General education assessment for improvement of student academic achievement: guidance for academic departments and committees: 2001 SOCC Library
   The departmental guide and record book for student outcomes assessment and institutional effectiveness: 2000 SOCC Library
   The department head's guide to assessment implementnation in administrative and educational support units: 2000 SOCC Library
Schuh, John H., Upcraft M. Lee & Associates  
   Assessment Practice in Student Affairs, An Applications Manual:  2001  IR Office
Stiehl, Ruth and Lewchuk, Les  
   Outcomes Primer: Reconstructing the College Curriculum: 2000 IR Office
Multiple Authors  

    Assessing academic programs in higher education (2004) by Mary J. Allen. Bolton, Mass. : Anker Pub. Co.

SOCC Library
    Assessing student competence in accredited disciplines : pioneering approaches to assessment in higher education (2001) edited by Catherine A. Palomba and Trudy W. Banta.  Sterling, Va. : Stylus. SOCC Library
   Developing outcomes-based assessment for learner-centered education : a faculty introduction (2007) by Amy Driscoll and Swarup Wood.  Sterling, Va. : Stylus   SOCC Library
    Levels of assessment: from the student to the institution (2005) by Ross Miller and Andrea Leskes. Washington, D.C. : Association of American Colleges and Universities. SOCC Library
    The art & science of assessing general education outcomes: a practical guide (2005) by Andrea Leskes and Barbara D. Wright.  Washington, D.C. : Association of American Colleges and Universities. SOCC Library
    Taking ownership of accreditation: assessment processes that promote institutional improvement and faculty engagement (2006) edited by Amy Driscoll and Diane Cordero de Noriega; preface by Judith A. Ramaley.   Sterling, Va. : Stylus Pub. SOCC Library

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