Reports Data & Surveys

Southwestern is committed to providing data and institutional research information to the staff and community.    

Mission Fulfillment and Core Theme Success Indicators 

Southwestern is committed to a practice of evaluating and assessing the effectiveness of the College and demonstrates achievement through identified measures with respect to student information, course data, fiscal reporting, and educational services and academic support information as well as state and federal reporting requirements. Prior to July 2011, institutional effectiveness Measures of Achievement were reported to the Board of Education.


View the annual report, institutional reports, enrollment and fte reports, facts and figures.


The survey section includes the CCSSE, CAAP, Graduation and IPEDS survey information. 


A listing of resources for faculty, staff and the community.

Census Bueau Reports:   Coos County    Curry County

Student Consumer Information and HEOA Reporting

The webpage provides links to information about Southwestern Oregon Community College in accordance with the Higher Education Act's disclosure requirements.

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