Program Review & Outcomes

Program Review occurs every three years and the end product is a report compilation of  three years’ of data, which illustrates the level achieved by outcome and the effectiveness of the unit/department (program, degree, certificate, or administrative/educational support service provided to students) based on the synthesis and analysis of data showing internal and external trends. Program review has four parts:

1)      A comprehensive review of the unit outcomes;
2)      The synthesis and analysis of the results of each outcome;
3)      Review of the internal and external trends that impact the unit; and
4)      The use of results for each outcome.

The use of results is the planned improvements, changes, and any other modifications to programs and/or services. The comprehensive program review includes quantitative and qualitative data as well as a review of operational policies and procedures. 

2013 Program Review Timeframe

2012 Program Review Timeframe


Program Review is a means of evaluation and analysis designed to demonstrate how well the College and units/departments have met the outcomes identified for student learning and administrative/educational support services. For assessment to be truly effective, it must be meaningful, reflective, and self-regulated. The purpose of program reviews and assessment are to use the results, positive or negative, to stimulate meaningful dialogue about how instruction and services can be modified to engage students in the learning process and to sustain institutional effectiveness. Institutional effectiveness reflects how well the college is meeting its mission and goals. Information related to outcomes is located on the following webpages:

Administrative and Educational Support Services Outcomes

General Student Learning Outcomes

Instructional Program Outcomes

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