Program Outcomes

Each degree, certificate and program at Southwestern clearly identifies the expected student learning outcomes as published in the catalog.  Upon completion, students will have learned or will be able to meet a set of expected student learning outcomes listed in areas meeting the identified expected student general learning outcomes.  In addition, each program area has identified the benchmarks scores for students taking the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) assessment (refer to documents located at the bottom of the CAAP website page).

A complete listing is available by accessing the TracDat online database at: by using the username and password of "SOCC" (all capital letters).   A summary page lists all of the degree/programs at Southwestern.  Click on the Reports Tab and then on sub-tabs to access report information for individual areas as well as the Strategic Plan.

All catalog information is updated on an ongoing basis as the programs are reviewed, assessed and improved based on the identified measures and the analysis and synthesis from collecting data.  Southwestern is pleased to announce that the paper documents have now been converted to an integrated software system called TracDat.

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