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SENSE (Survey of Entering Student Engagement)

The SENSE is one way to measure student behaviors in the earliest weeks of college and the insitutional practices that affect students during this critical time. Data from the survey is used by staff to implement continual improvement intiatives to better serve students.  Visit the SENSE website to view national and state data at:  http://www.ccsse.org/sense/aboutsense/

According to the website, "the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) helps community and technical colleges focus on the “front door” of the college experience. Grounded in research about what works in retaining and supporting entering students, SENSE collects and analyzes data about institutional practices and student behaviors in the earliest weeks of college. These data can help colleges understand students’ critical early experiences and improve institutional practices that affect student success in the first college year."


SENSE Survey Schedule

The SENSE is administered every third year during the fall term starting in 2009.  Survey results are generally available on the website in spring following the survey year.

SENSE Reports

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