Student Testimonials

Jumpei I. from Japan (transferred to University of Oregon)~

Simply put, I cannot imagine a better study abroad program than what SWOCC offers. From the day that I arrived from Tokyo, it has been stimulating living in Oregon and the experience of studying in Coos Bay allowed me to grow as an individual and discover my own talents.

On campus, the smaller class size helped me actively participate in class discussions. Professors were very friendly and engaging and I have been able to maintain great relationships with them. I got to interact and spend quality time with interesting people every single day. The community that SWOCC is in is quite wonderful as well. I had the privilege of getting involved in musical theater and the experience was just invaluable. They were very accepting and caring and always pushed me to achieve more.

I can't fail to mention the beautiful Northwest weather, too, which has brought me mental and physical comfort. I now have a much broader curiosity, a desire to keep myself educated, and no fear of accepting new challenges.

Yumezo Densaki from Osaka, Japan (transferred to Southern Arkansas University) ~

My first college in US was in California and I enjoyed American life. But I felt I had to change the circumstance that I was always with many Japanese, speaking my native language. Two years ago, I decided to transfer to SWOCC.

People at SWOCC were awesome and kind, and there was a great environment to study and speak English for me. Also, I was participating in the baseball program. We had practice every afternoon, early morning work-outs three times a week, and I went to classes in the morning. To be honest, it was hard for me to combine baseball and schoolwork, but my days were full of excitement!

This 2013 years season, I was a leading pitcher of the team. and i have transferred to Southern Arkansas University with baseball scholarships from 2013 fall. I'm so exciting to play here and study Business Management. SWOCC made me strong. I’m very glad I came to SWOCC. 

Ryohei K. from Shiga, Japan~


When I was 18, I decided to go to the U.S. to study English and to play baseball there after graduation from high school. Going to other country and living there by myself was not easy for the 18-years-old boy who always had been with his family and friends. Being supported by many people, however, I was able to go to the U.S.

SWOCC is the most impressive place for me. Everything was new there. I met many new people, and had a lot of chances that I would never had if I stayed in Japan. I was one of a member of SWOCC baseball team, and what I got from this program can’t be explained by words. I had great teammates and great coaches. Of course, getting good grades and playing baseball at the same time was not easy, but the days I spent in this team with my teammates and coaches are obviously my treasure.

I’m so grateful to everyone who had supported me while I was in the U.S. Thank you so much, and I really hope I can see people I met there again someday.

Shelby P. from Colorado, USA~


The professors at SWOCC are really outstanding! There's a nice balance of professional and casual that's really conducive to learning. That, along with the awesome student body, has made my stay worthwhile and one that I'm not likely to forget.

Ningxin S. from Shanghai, CHINA~

It is amazing to study in SWOCC. When I first came here, I felt it is a great place to study. The campus is big, and the people are friendly. The class is small so that you can have a lot of chance to speak to your teacher. Moreover, it is easy to become a friend to them. The students here are easygoing, and they really welcomed the international like me. So far, I have already had many American friends, and I love them so much. 

If you have are good at one subject, you can have a chance to become a tutor in the tutoring lab. It is a valuable experience for everyone. The housing also is good. It’s peaceful and safe. You will love the way you come here. 

Anyway, if you are seeking a college education, SWOCC is your best choice. You can learn everything you want here, and become a better person. I love SWOCC so much, and I will finish my second year study here and get my associate degree. I will not forget the time when I spent in the SWOCC.

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