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Southwestern Oregon Community College has developed our branding on some popular social networks. Our goals are to communicate and promote the college and our programs with students, future students, alumni, parents and Southwestern community members and partners. We are taking advantage of the viral nature of social media networks and bringing people back to the Southwestern website.   

The Social Networks Committee, a sub-committee of the Marketing Committee, has developed some guidelines for use of social networks at Southwestern Oregon Community College.

For questions on anything related to the social networks or if you are planning on creating your own department, group or club account, please contact the Web System Administrator to discuss first:

Pat Davidson
Web System Specialist

Current List of Southwestern's social networks:

Facebook icon

Facebook: Southwestern has about 20 ‘Admins’ on our main Facebook account. These ‘Admins’ are volunteers and add content from several areas of the campus life. The ‘Admins’ consist of staff and students.

Curry Campus has a Facebook fan page. There are about 5 'Admins' that maintain the content related to the Curry Campus and county area.

Ustream: Southwestern was among the first community colleges in Oregon to receive a beta application from for embedding into our Facebook account.  We are able to stream live college sports and events from Ustream via Facebook. The benefits of this partnership, is that we can create fan engagement and interaction during live event streaming and generate a positive school atmosphere.


Twitter icon

Twitter: Our official Twitter account has been maintained by the Web System Administrator. It's being used to send out college announcements and events. Currently there are several community members who subscribe to our account.

YouTube icon

YouTube:  Southwestern was approved by YouTube for their special Education Channel available to colleges and universities. We can upload longer video than the regular accounts as well as have unlimited amount of space. We have chosen to use YouTube for archiving our video rather than using the college's bandwidth resources.

It is our goal to make our videos more accessible to those with disabilities. If we are embedding videos in our main website, we are requiring Closed Captioning be set up on YouTube. We have put together a page on the Disability website about YouTube Captioning.

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