Past Commentators


Hi, my name is Gilbert Perez and I'm from the wonderful city of Wasilla, Alaska. This is my third year at Southwestern Oregon Community College and during my time here, I have earned the opportunity to be a two time resident assistant and proud to say that I'm in my first year apart of SWOCC Media Production. I will be leaving Southwestern Oregon Community College and taking my  AA/OT Transfer Degree with me to Washington State University where I will be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Multimedia Broadcasting. Being a part of SWOCC Media Production has gotten me one step closer to achieving my dream of being able to talk about sports for a living. Most kids dream of being a cop, a fireman, or even the president but my dream was always to be on Sports Center.

My dying love for sports came way before I could even read; my grandmother bought me my own subscription of the magazine, Sports Illustrated. Ever since then, my interest for sports has increased. A lot of things in my life have changed over the years, but my passion of the sports world remains. If you know me or ever been my house, the only thing ever on the television is Sports Center. It wasn't until I became a member of SWOCC Media Productions that I finally gained the confidence I needed to go after my childhood dream.


Hi, I’m Kahler Dawson. I am from Evanston Wyoming, and I am here at Southwestern Oregon Community College as a sophomore studying to receive my AA/OT. I am also a Resident Assistant here at Southwestern which has granted me quite a few great opportunities. Being a broadcaster for SOCC Media Productions is one of them. 

I have always loved sports while growing up learning all there is to know from my dad. Sport Center was on a constant loop in my house as I watched it trying to know more about our favorite teams than my father did. Watching game after game gave me a general idea of how to broadcast games, with the help of the SOCC Media Productions Team. It is so much fun to share my love of sports with our viewers and the parents of the great athletes we broadcast for.

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