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In 2005 the Pacific Northwest Section of NAGT field conference was hosted by Southwestern Oregon CC in Coos Bay. Eight years later, some of the stops remain the same, however, we have a number of new localities that we will be sharing with you. The four days of field excursions will provide an overview of coastal processes and geology on the leading edge of the continent. Some of the highlights for each day follow.

Monday, June 24, 2013: Blacklock Point & Cape Blanco (Trip Leader: Frank Hladky).

Battle Rock in Port Orford #907
Battle Rock in Port Orford

Today we will literally be out on the leading edge. The hike out to Blacklock Point is roughly 45 minutes across forested Pleistocene Terrace. At Blacklock Point, we will have views to the north showing the terrace decrease in elevation and transected by a series of drainages. The view to the south provides a view of Cape Blanco, the second furthest west point in the continental 48 states. Exposures at Blacklock Point are located along the shear zone and include folded bedded chert, volvanic breccias and agglomerate. Cape Blanco will provide an opportunity to observe seas stack formation, an in situ Pleistocene mollusk horizon, marine terraces and a variety of Cenozoic sedimentary formations. We will conclude the day with a visit to Battle Rock in Port Orford to view and discuss the interaction between geology, landscapes and cultural history.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013: Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (Trip Leader: Ron Metzger) and Coquille Tribe Community Plankhouse (Trip Leaders: Nicole Norris, Jesse Davis and the Coquille Tribe Youth Corps).

Dunes: Section of Coastal Dunes North of Florence

We will be starting with a motorized dune trip that allows us an easy transect across the coastal dune sheet. We will be stopping in the Oregon Dunes at the John Dellenback Trailhead/Eel Creek Campground. The ½ mile hike out to the dunes at this stop provides an opportunity to observe both a transitional setting and large oblique dunes. Following the dunes we will visit the Coquille Tribe’s Community Plankhouse for an overview of local cultural history.

Thursday, June 27, 2013: Seven Devils and Bandon Area (Trip Leader: Ian Madin).

Sunset Bay
Sunset Bay

There will be a series of coastal stops south of Cape Arago. We will go along the Seven Devil’s making a stop at Whisky Run. Stops in and around Bandon will include Bullard’s Beach, submerged forest at Bandon Marsh, the south Jetty at Bandon (blueschist), and Face Rock.


Friday, June 28, 2013: Cape Arago and BBQ at The Metzger’s (Trip Leaders: Frank Hladky and Ron Metzger).

Concretions at Shore Acres
Concretions at Shore Acres

Cape Arago provides the setting for some of the most scenic geology on the Oregon Coast. Today we will be making stops at Sunset Bay where we will look at terrace development, deltaic deposits and faulting. Shore Acres provides a connection to local history of the region, plus a photogenic angular unconformity. South Cove provides a variety of soft sediment deformational structures. There will be an optional opportunity to tour a sea cave and discuss changing landscapes in this context (flashlight stop). The BBQ includes a non-collecting tour of the Metzger rock garden.

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