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Chef Shawn Hanlin Wins an Emmy Award for Joy of Fishing

Chef Hanlin - Emmy
Chef Hanlin receives an Emmy. 

Coos Bay, OR. - “The Joy of Fishing” a TV series, features rivers, lakes and ocean fishing in Pacific Northwest and around the world. It is no ordinary fishing TV series and that is why it took home an Emmy Award at the 48th annual Emmy Awards this month.  The series is characterized by knock-out beautiful cinematography, rambling clear waters and shining fish. The program is a sensory experience with a unique twist, a cooking segment.

I know many chefs around the world, but I don’t know of another who has won an Emmy” said Hanlin.

“The Joy of Fishing” includes a four to five minute cooking demonstration featuring award winning chef, Shawn Hanlin. Hanlin the Director of the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute, loves preparing the fish caught in each episode, and illustrates ways to prepare various species of fish. Chef Hanlin prepares all these delicacies for the show in the Culinary Institute’s kitchen on the campus of Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay.

The show is produced by Travis Cooper and Wayne Van Burger, of Beaverhill  Productions  and was nominated this year for Best Commercial, Best Photography, and Best Sports Program Series. “The Joy of Fishing” won the Emmy for 2012 for the Best Sports Program Series, for the second year in a row. In 2011 Cooper won for best Producer and Best Editing, and Van Burger won Best Producer/Host in a Sports Program Series. Beaverhill Productions  is located in Coquille Oregon.

Van Burger, the show’s host and an alumni of Southwestern says “Shawn ads an absolute wonderful approach to assist fishermen in turning their fish into an exquisite culinary delight!"

In one episode Hanlin extols the importance of choosing the correct cooking method that is critical due to the oil content of a particular type of fish. The methods include pickling, smoking, sautéing and frying and other foods to pair with the fish entree.

In each show there will be recipe for one particular fish such as sturgeon, salmon, steelhead, trout and shad.  Hanlin really becomes animated when talking about upcoming episodes especially with an abundance of local bottom fish in the Coos Bay area. The bottom fish include rockfish, flounder, halibut and ling cod.  Hanlin will also prepare clams and crabs common in the bay area.

For Hanlin receiving the Emmy Award along with Travis Cooper and Wayne Van Burger, was an awesome experience. “I know many chefs around the world, but I don’t know of another who has won an Emmy” said Hanlin.

The show is into its second season and as far as Hanlin is concerned, we will not run out of cooking tips to share with the viewers. The program is broadcast on several networks in Oregon including: Root Sports on Sunday at 9:30am, KPDX Portland on Saturday at 4:30pm , KLSR Eugene on Sunday 7:30am, KEVU Eugene/Corvallis on Sunday 2:00pm,  KOBI Medford/Klamath Falls on Sunday 6:30am, and KBNZ  in Bend on Sunday 6:00am.

Published Jun 20, 2012 (Updated Aug 21, 2012)

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