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First Day of Classes at SWOCC and the College Board Meets New Staff

Today was the first day of fall term at Southwestern Oregon Community College for 2012, and the college board held the first meeting of the new school year. New staff and instructors were introduced at the College Board meeting and included the following:

Kassahun Kebede, Anthropology and Sociology Instructor, holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Syracuse University and was an instructor there for the last seven years. He was born and raised in rural Ethiopia. He helps students make connections between course readings and the social practices and problems that they experience in their everyday lives.

Rod Keller, Dean of LDC and Developmental Education, has come from Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho, where he taught since 1982. Concurrently he held administrative positions for 17 years including Director of Composition, English Department Chair, and Dean of the College of Language and Letters.

Richard Lowe, Computer Information Systems/Science Instructor, comes from a rich background in personal entrepreneurial endeavors, a diverse background in software development, mechanical engineering, and business management. His tenacious appetite for success is driving our students to personal gain and achievement. Motivation and energy are two things that all students take from any class he teaches.

Opal Murphy, Nursing Instructor, has a Masters Degree and will specialize in teaching electronic health records. She loves the small classes where she can provide more personal attention to students.

Grant Gill, Upward Bound Specialist, will work with 1st generation low income students transitioning  into college. Prior to SWOCC he worked in Bandon High School, also is the former Director of Independent living at Belloni Ranch.  

Doreen Cummins-Hasty, Advisor/Student Services for Curry Campus,  came from Gold Beach High School where she was a counselor.  

Published Sep 25, 2012 (Updated Oct 2, 2012)

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