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Osteoporosis Prevention Class Offered at Southwestern

Coos Bay, OR. - Southwestern Oregon Community College Community Education is offering a new class winter term, Osteoporosis Prevention.  The class is using the Better Bones & Balance™ program which teaches students to prevent falls and maintain bone density. The program was developed from Oregon State University’s Bone Research Lab study on bone health.  Data from the study showed that Better Bones & Balance ™ program participants had conclusive results for reducing fall risk, and had higher bone density then the non-participant control group over the long-term. The study was conducted on post-menopausal women.
Five functional movements were identified by OSU that make up the core Better Bones & Balance ™ program.  These movements may help to increase balance and strength, arrest falls, and can increase and maintain bone mass.
Persons who would benefit from learning more include those at risk for Osteoporosis, cancer patients whose therapy can include drugs that impact bone health and balance, and persons who use antacids.  (Antacids and acid inhibitor medication have been shown to increase risk for osteoporosis and hip fracture).
More women than men have Osteoporosis and low bone mass.  The Osteoporosis Foundation’s Prevalence Report in 2002 showed 7.8 million women with Osteoporosis compared to 2.3 million men, and 21.8 million women with low bone mass compared to 11.8 million men with low bone mass.  Of the 44 million people with either Osteoporosis or low bone mass, 55 percent were age 50 or older.  These figures keep increasing and are continuing to grow on a yearly basis.
Osteoporosis is not the only cause of hip fracture, nor is it a normal consequence of aging.  Ways to reduce the risk of hip fracture include improving strength and balance to decrease risk of falling, improving bone health (avoiding osteoporosis) to lower risk of fracture from a fall.
Some of the startling statistics include that 14% of all fractures are to the hip.  Of the $17 billion dollars in total costs associated with all fractures, $12 billion was attributed to hip fractures.
The consequences of hip fracture have been shown to include 20% ending in death within one year, 40% unable to walk independently, 27% enter long term care, and 60% are restricted in at least one daily activity.
Some risks cannot be changed for Osteoporosis such as gender, age, ethnicity, and genetics.  However, you are able to change risk factors pertaining to physical activity, diet, alcohol excess and smoking to ensure good bone health.
In  Coos Bay this class will be offered at the SWOCC campus in the Recreation Center  M/W/F from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm for 11 weeks, during winter term 2011-2012.  Start date is January 9, 2012. In Port Orford, the class is M-W-F from 7:15 am to 8:15 In Langlois the class is at the Lions Club on M-T-Th from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm.
For more information contact Southwestern Community Ed and Workforce Development at 541-888-7328 or Instructor: Lisa Reed, is a Certified Licensed Instructor of Better Bones & Balance™ 541-332-3023.

Published Jan 5, 2012 (Updated Jan 11, 2012)

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