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Students at Southwestern send-off their peers in ACF Youth Team USA to International Culinary Olmpics

Team USA

Coos Bay, OR. - ACF Youth Team USA, from Oregon Coast Culinary Institute, and their entourage departed by bus for Portland to make their flight to Germany for the International Olympics. A surprise send-off was organized and approximately 70 students and other well-wishers waited on either side of Main Entry Way from the college to Newmark. The send-off party waved flags, pom poms and glow lights of red, white and blue. All shouted cheers as the bus drove slowly away.  Shouts and cheers could be heard from inside the bus too, so it must have been fun for the team as well.

Both fire departments participated. One Coos Bay engine led them off campus and two North Bend engines escorted them in tandem through town to the North Bend bridge.

ACF Culinary Youth Team Logo

Those departing included Youth Team USA members: Edalyn Garcia (team captain) Maddie Cutts, Reilly Meehan, Alfonzo Mendoza, Krista Nakamura, and Laura Williams. Accompanying the team: Chef Hanlin, OCCI Director;  Chef Randy Torres, Team USA Coach; Coordinator and Managers Alex Darvishi, Lanni Wui and Steve Jillaba. Chef Woojay Poynter is also competing as an individual in the event and Chef Shannon Poynter is assisting. College President Patty Scott also joined the group and will be visiting a U.S. high school in Germany during the week as well as assisting the SWOCC Media Productions crew comprised of Dean Ball, Floyd Chase, and Jeff Hash as needed.”

Don’t forget that beginning October 6, 2012, you can catch the action of the International Culinary Olympics on the college Livestream at https://new.livestream.com/swocc/  or simply go the SWOCC website and click on the Livestream button.

Published Oct 2, 2012 (Updated Oct 11, 2012)

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