Building Inspections

Building inspections are performed quarterly on campus by the employees listed below. If you have questions or concerns about a specific building, please contact the appropriate building inspector.

Please use the appropriate building inspection form above to complete your inspection.  Return completed forms to Administrative Services.


Assigned Building Inspectors
Coaledo Ann Sylvia
Curry County Aleta Mankamyer
Dellwood Shawn Liggett
Dining Services Chris Foltz
Eden James Fritz
Empire/PAC Dallas Petenbrink
Fairview Ray Daniels
Family Center/Child Care Beth Simmons/Gary Risley
Fire Science Paul Reynolds
Lampa Mike Detwiler
Maintenance Dave McKiney
Newmark Gary Risley/Beth Simmons
OCCI Shawn Hanlin
Prosper Bill Dean
Randolph Rocky Lavoie
Recreation Center Karl Easttorp
Sitkum Tom Graham
Stensland Tim Dailey
Student Housing Tom Graham
Sumner Joe Thomas
Sunset Mike Turner
Tioga DallasPetenbrink

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