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2014 Keynote Speaker

2014 Keynote ~ Melissa Hart
Write the Thing Yourself: Shamelessly Crafting the Piece You'd Most Like to Read

Past Keynote Speakers

2013 ~ William Sullivan
Confessions of a Professional Writer

2012 ~ Stefanie Freele
Writing is Dangerous

2011 ~ Naseem Rakha
Swimming with the Tide - How to make a writing life and put life into writing

2010 ~ John Daniel
Gathering the Waters

2009 ~ Timothy Zahn
What in the World Are We Doing in this Crazy Business?

2008 ~ David Oliver Relin
Writing to Change the World

2007 ~ Larry Brooks
Tales from the (Low) Mid-List

2006 ~ Molly Gloss
Synergy: A Confluence of Writers and Readers

2005 ~ Bob Welch
Pebbles in the Water: Daring to Leave a Literary Ripple on Life’s Water

2004 ~ Kate Wilhelm
The Magical Power of Words

2003 ~ Patricia Rushford
So You Want To Be A Writer

2002 ~ Phillip Margolin
The Breaks and How to Benefit From Them

2001 ~ Craig Lesley
Gauging the Storm-Transferring Personal Experience into Fiction

2000 ~ Bob Welch
Tears and Laughter: Telling Stories that Move Your Readers

1999 ~ Jane Kirkpatrick
Stories of Service: What Dreams Weave

1998 ~ Tom Nash
Oregon Trails, Oregon Tales

1997 ~ Bean Comrada
Criminals and Other Ordinary People: Karel Capek’s Pocket Tales

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