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South Coast Writers Conference Scholarship

Congratulations to Patti Thomas winner of the 2014 Bob Simon Award for her submission Breakfast Club.

Patti Thomas has been a psychotherapist since 1997, she knows how unhealthy it is to just sit and obsess about disturbing experiences. Instead, she tries to capture these moments and trap them on paper. Some of these therapeutic exercises have evolved into essays, short stories, or memoirs. "My hope is that by sharing my writing, others might be inspired to move from pain to understanding and eventually to compassion."

Congratulations to Kira Rubenthaler, winner of the 2014 Erica Atkisson Memorial Scholarship, for her submission The Hunter.

Kira Rubenthaler lives on the Oregon coast, where she enjoys writing, reading, and hiking with her dogs. A former journalist and English teacher, she now runs Bookfly Design, a small business providing book cover design and editing services to independent authors and self-publishers. 

Open to anyone. The writing prompt is “In a few days this would all be a memory.”

Once again there are two scholarship opportunities for those who wish to attend the South Coast Writers Conference: the Bob Simon Award and the Erica Atkisson Memorial Scholarship.

The deadline for entries is January 15. See each scholarship page for details.

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