South Coast Writers Conference

The Bob Simon Award

Congratulations to Patti Thomas winner of the 2014 Bob Simon Award for her submission Breakfast Club.

Patti Thomas has been a psychotherapist since 1997, she knows how unhealthy it is to just sit and obsess about disturbing experiences. Instead, she tries to capture these moments and trap them on paper. Some of these therapeutic exercises have evolved into essays, short stories, or memoirs. "My hope is that by sharing my writing, others might be inspired to move from pain to understanding and eventually to compassion."

This conference has evolved from one man’s dream of energizing local writers and luring others to Gold Beach during the winter off season with an affordable, educational conference. To honor his dream, The Bob Simon Award has been created.

Open to anyone who has not previously won the Bob Simon Award. The writing prompt is “In a few days this would all be a memory.”

Scholarship applications will be screened by the conference planning committee.

Rules: Entries must be typed and can be essay, short story, memoir, or poetry, not to exceed 900 words. Entries will be judged on faithfulness to the writing prompt and readability. The scholarship will cover registration fee for Saturday at the 2014 conference and a lunch ticket. The winning entry will be included in the conference packets.

The deadline for entries is January 15. Send your entry, with your name, address, and telephone number, along with a short biography (50-100 words) to the South Coast Writers Conference: Submit entries, by email as a Word document or pdf attachment, to with scholarship in the subject line.

Workshops are booked on a first-come, first-served basis; to ensure space in the workshops of your choice, please register for the conference as usual. The scholarship winner will be refunded the registration fee. Please keep a copy of your entry as it will not be returned.