Placement Test Prep Resources

ACT/Compass Math Placement Test
The math placement test is required for first-time students, in order to help us place you into the appropriate math class.

Here is some information on the test, from the publisher – this page also lists the different areas that are assessed, in each of the different math placement tests.  Your advisor and the testing center will help you determine which math placement test would be most appropriate for you to take.

Also on the page above, you will find links to some sample questions that are similar to the questions you will see on the placement test. You can also click on the links below, to access these sample questions.

A particularly good resource, if you want to get free online preparation for the placement test, is the Virtual Math Lab at West Texas A&M University.  When you get to the site, go through the “Intermediate Algebra” module, for instance, if you want to test into Math 111, and the “Beginning Algebra” module if you want to test into Math 94 or 95.

A Variety of Resources for Additional Help and Practice
If you feel as though you need additional practice or help in a particular area, please take advantage of the tutoring resources available in Stensland and Randolph Halls, before you take your placement test.  You can also visit any of the following web resources provided below, in order to review.

Additionally, we can set up an account for you, to use one of a couple of different skill-building applications.  One is web-based and called MySkillsTutor. The other is called Plato, and is currently available only at either the Newmark Center or in Stensland Hall.

Resources for Dealing with Math and Test Anxiety
Millions of people have to deal with anxiety, every day. The counseling staff and your advisor can suggest resources to you, if you break into a sweat when you hear the word “fraction” or if you freeze under the pressure of having to take a test. The following are a few web-based resources we thought would be helpful.

PBCC also provides a link to a survey that we thought was really useful. Through a series of questions, it will give you an idea of your learning style, as well provide some tips for studying that may help alleviate some of that anxiety. Give it a try:

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