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Campus Life and 4th of July

Hey All!

Life on campus is going pretty well. It will be nice to be able to answer questions about housing more knowledgeably as opposed to telling people that I don't know because I don't live their haha!

Summer Students: I hope that summer term is going pretty well. Keep in mind that this term is only 8 weeks long so keep on top of your work as we rapidly approach mid terms.

Students Taking Summer Off: I hope that vacation is treating you well so far and that you all get to enjoy some quality time with the people you care about and make memories.

Everyone: I hope that everyone enjoys the 4th of July and gets to spend some time enjoying the company of your family and/or friends. Remember to take some time and remember why it is most of us get the day off to celebrate the holiday; remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as those still fighting.

As always contact me if you have any questions and have a good week!

Brady Esch - Admissions Office Intern

Southwestern Oregon Community College 541.888.1595

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Published Jul 9, 2012, 9:25pm

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