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~Tis Week # Three ;-)~

Fall Overlook


Hey Everyone!

Well the third week of school is upon us. Isn't it crazy to think that Fall Term (if we even get a fall before we go straight into winter) is already 30 percent over one we hit Friday of this week? Time seems to be flying by and before we all know it another year in the formal education chapter of our books of life will be complete; for some of the last one. I still have another year of schooling before I am done "officially" learning but as we all know by now you never quit learning; education is a constant evolving thing in life.

I hope everyone got to enjoy the little bits and pieces of sunshine we got this weekend. My weekend consisted of primarily spending time with my parents at Lazy H which is the barn where we have our 3 horses; other then that I was at home cleaning and doing homework most of the weekend. Did anyone happen to drive thru downtown Coos Bay Saturday? They held the 1st annual Zombie Walk this Saturday and it was kinda odd to see all the "walking dead". There were a lot of people that went all out, with body makeup and everything...pretty interesting, and cool that it was such a success.

I hope classes are going well for all of you. My favorite class this term is definitely Criminal Investigations but for the most part all of my classes are going pretty well.

 I also hope that everyone has agood week. Maybe we'll get lucky with some sunshine hopefully towards the latter part of the week and on into the weekend.

Brady Esch ~ Student Ambassador
South Western Oregon Community College

"A good leader is a person who takes a little more then their share of the blame, and a little less then their share of the credit"- John C Maxwell