Student Blogs


College is fun. Lots of fun! Though, it’s hard work. Lots of hard work! College is the intermission between being a kid and entering into the business world, having a career, and raising a family. You’ll learn that people want freedom, yet not responsibility. We want to live in a clean environment; yet recycling is definitely not worth the extra trip. We want cheaper produce, but we don’t want to put in extra hours at work. We want better education systems, yet we aren’t willing to pay our teachers more. We want security, but aren’t willing to support our war efforts. When I feel like vanilla ice cream, I don’t order chocolate. When I don’t feel like studying for a test, I remember that I also don’t want to bring home less than an A on my report card. To be a friend, you must be one. To win, you must lose some. Sorry if I’ve already lost you, but welcome to America and a democracy folks! It doesn’t matter what political affiliation you are, the fact is that it’s going to take work to improve our personal living conditions, to get a degree and to be successful. Health, optimism, and education are going to get you further than any government pay check. Do what you can with what you have and maybe you’ll be surprised.