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How to know if you're a "non-traditional" student

Well, lets see...

When one of them comes up to you and says "So what brought you back to school?"

When other students are talking about theirs or their siblings achievements, your mentioning your kids and grandkids.

If a compliment the other students pay you is: "Your just like my Mom." or "You and my Mom would really get along."

If you remember the 60's, 70's etc.

If you can sing along with the songs on the "oldies station" and have seen most of them in concert.

If you relate better the parents of the students then the students.

If you received previous degrees or graduated before the 90's.

If your older than some (or most) of your teachers.

You have used, record players, tape decks and typewriters.

Would I change anything about being a non-traditional student?  NOT A CHANCE!!!

Until later,  Jaye

Published Jul 21, 2008, 1:50pm

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