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Chapter closing in my life.

 Chapter Closing in my life.

Hello everyone! Well its official this bird will be flying the Coos Bay nest on June 15th after my upcoming graduation from the Paramedic degree program. I will be moving to Bend and finishing my internship with Klamath Falls Fire and Rescue. I am looking forward to the opportunity to prove myself at a well-recognized fire department in the state of Oregon. I will learn a lot and build my skills to become the best paramedic I can possibly be. I am very thankful to those who have helped me throughout my stay here at Southwestern. Coach Hoppe if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here today so a big thanks to that man! He has influenced my life and helped shape me into the person I am today, his thought process and tackling every set back with positivity and refusal to give up will stay with me throughout my life.  Kari Robison and Tom Nichols thank you for the opportunity to be an ambassador at this school. Sharing fun and exciting moments with the whole crew has been a pleasure. This job has definitely tested my critical thinking skills and my ability to interact with a diverse group of people. Thank you for making me a better person. To all my friends I have made throughout my years here. We will always have a relationship unlike any other, these last four years have had their ups and downs and thanks to you guys I’ve experienced more ups than anything else. I have grown from a boy to a young man, I will never forget the experiences we have shared together and will tell the stories until they lay me down to rest. I encourage everyone to chase their dreams with reckless abandon no matter how big or small they may seem, don’t go to your grave with regrets, if you want to do something do it. It’s really that simple, the rest will figure itself out. Always remember not to take life too seriously, because none of us will make it out alive.