Student Blogs

Excited for the future

The closer I get to starting the first day of the Paramedic program the more excited I get! All the work I have put in is all coming together and I am going to end up in pretty good shape when I get out of here. With one job opening in the fire service having in excess of 100 applicants at times I need to be. I have 5 more days in my Anatomy and Physiology class and I will be done. It is stressful yet exciting at the same time. Once I get out of my Anatomy class I will make my way to Boise to see my best friend and girlfriend all in one to enjoy a couple days of summer 9 more days and I will be there. Also we got a small wild land fire at the fire station that was fun it took me back to my coos forest days just a year ago, I love fighting wild land fire and hopefully I will land a career where that is possible. I have started eating healthier as well I went to the farmers market on Sunday and picked up a few things. With this healthy binge of eating nothing but fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast & dinner along with a salad at lunchtime. It wasn’t so great Monday morning when my overwhelming urge to be healthy caused me to put cucumber into my smoothie with plums and apricot. This I can say was the worst decision I made all day. I hate cucumber but my healthy mind said "No it will blend with the other flavors. You will be good!" I was quick to tell him that he was a big dummy when I took my first taste. After choking down a couple more drinks in my class we got a 10 minute break which was a perfect amount of time to go to the bookstore and grab a chocolate protein shake. My day immediately became better. The worst part about this whole cucumber incident is I had fresh raspberries, strawberries apples and bananas at my disposal. This morning I made sure put them to good use, and had an amazing breakfast. Other than that I am grinding it out going to class, working at the school and running calls at the fire station. As the wise Dory says, "Just keep swimming."