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Not an average summer. But thats okay with me.

I would like to start this off by saying summer is almost here. For most college kids Summer includes sun, beaches, trips and long nights with the people they enjoy the most. Some of us get jobs to save up for the next school year where every dime is precious. And some of us continue our education and take on summer classes attempting to advance our career as students and eventually in the real world. I would like to share my plans for the summer as it draws closer. Summer will start with graduation on June 14th, in which I will receive my Associates of Applied Science in Fire Science. I will also say good bye to my best friend for at least the summer which is going to be more than difficult. After that I have the week of June 17th, this is when I will start my 40 hour a week ambassadorship internship with the school. After that comes the week of the 24th where I will continue to maintain my full time job as well as tackling a strenuous 12 credit anatomy and physiology course. With this I plan to be fully occupied Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm at the very least. Friday-Sunday will be filled with office hours and studying for this condensed summer course as well as keeping good standing in my fire department and hopefully teach some classes. In the meantime I understand I will miss barbeques, beach trips, fishing, hiking and those summer nights spent relaxing by a fire with friends. But I will let you guys enjoy those for the time being. I have many goals in mind and in order to fulfill those this is what needs to be done. I don't mind being that guy who works behind the scenes and continuously strives for greatness. I plan to be that guy who everyone says "really figured it out". I would be honored to play that role, I want to be on a fast track to success. I have stumbled along the way, but I truly feel I have regained balance and I am moving with a full head of steam towards my goals in life. So you may not see me too often this summer, I would apologize. However, it would not be sincere. I know that I am moving towards one of my goals in the correct manner. And for that no one should have to apologize.


The man behind the scenes

Published Jun 4, 2013, 11:25am

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