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bad luck week!?

This week did not start off well for me. I have been having the worst luck the past couple of days and have had a hundred little things go wrong. It all started on Sunday when I went home to visit my family and do laundry. It was a beautiful day so i decided to go for a run while my clothes were in the washer. All was good and my run felt great! I timed my run to get home just as the washer was finishing up to switch to the dryer. As my clothes were drying I pulled my street bike out from the garage to go for a ride. I decided to do a quick check up on my motorcycle and found that my left blinker wasn't working. I pulled the seat off and started to fiddle with wires to try and find out what was wrong. I couldn't find any bad wires so i tried the blinker again and it worked! :) Hurray! Cool i thought, that was an easy fix. I went for a quick ride and made it back in time to finish my laundry. That night i was going shopping with a friend for decor for my dorm room. I went and picked her up, but instead of driving my truck, I decided to take my moms mustang. We did our thing and found some cool stuff for my room. Now it was time to go set it up. We got back to the dorms on campus here and wouldn't you know, i forgot my room key at home. It was sitting on the seat of my truck! Rain check on decorating my room and I gave my friend a ride home for the night. After i dropped her off. I headed back to my parents house to get my laundry and my truck. When I got home my brother had a couple friends over so that driveway was packed! Seven cars all parked nexted to each other. I packed all my things into my truck and jumped in to fire the beast up. I turned the key and NOTHING! It was dead. I didnt leave the lights on and everything was off! Something else was wrong. I didnt have time to troubleshoot and figure anything out so I just got out my cables for a jump. There were six other cars so I thought this would be quick! I was wrong! Forty-five minutes later and some rearranging of the parking lot i finally found a vehicle that would get close enough to my battery to jump it! That was my Sunday night.

Now for Monday. After work I had Zumba with the previous friend and my roommate. I get off work and get ready to dancercise it up. My truck starts up fine and we get to the Zumba studio and have a blast! Afterwards, my friend was going to come over to help decorate my room and she was going to meet me at the dorms at around 9 pm. My roommate and I get out to my truck after Zumba and it wont start! REAL upset, I called a friend who lived close by and asked if he would come give me a jump. Once my truck was started I went straight home to trade out my truck for a different vehicle. I grabbed all my things from the truck and placed them in the car and took off toward the dorms. Just as I was pulling up to the dorms it hit me that I left my room key AGAIN in my truck! I had to drive ALL the way back home which is about a 15 minute drive one way. FINALLY i got my key and was in my room just in time for my friend to show up. So far this week has been a real blast for me. I cant wait to see what else is in store for me this week. :S

Published Aug 3, 2010, 12:00pm

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