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Its PINK!!!!!!


So April Brian and I have been working in the office here in Delwood Hall all summer and have been spending most of our time couped up in the small room. Last week was probably the nicest week we have had all summer! When the sun comes out and the sky is blue, it tends to be a bit windy. When I say a bit windy I pretty much mean a hurricane! Well, last thrusday April really wanted to go to the beach and lay in the sun. After work all I wanted to do was climb into my twin size bed in my dorm and fall asleep for a good 4 or 5 hours. Somehow April talked me into going to the beach on the terms that if its cold we will leave immediately. I put on my beach-wear and grabbed a blanket to lay on. When we got to the beach it was surpirsingly warm out and the wind was reduced to a slight breeze. I layed out my blanket and flopped down onto it and dug a bed into the sand with my body. A perfect nesting area for me! My shirt was off, I was soaking up some rays and the soft rush of waves rolling up in the beach was just enough to put me into a state of unconciousness. Two and a half hours later, I was woken up but a dog that ran up to us from across the beach. April had fallen asleep too and we both realized that our skin was getting red. I didnt feel burnt at the time and I didnt think it was hot enough to get burnt TOO bad. We got back in the car, got some ice cream from DQ and then went back to the dorms. I took my shirt off and BAM! I was a lobster! Every possible corner of my torso was bright red except for my armpits and my back was the worst! My legs from the top of my knees down were also scorched red! Oh man I was hurting then! My roommate from Japan walked by, took a look at me, and with a puzzled expression on is face shouted out "it's PINK!" I couldnt stop laughing even though I was in pain. He just had to take a picture of the burn and post it on facebook.

Usually I tan after I burn so I just kept putting aloe vera on my tender skin to try and prevent it from peeling. I dont know if you all realize this put a normal human being is physically unable to rub lotion on the middle of their back. This is where my dilemma all began. Four days and four nights of horrible sleep later, my back started to itch like crazy and wouldnt ya know that im only peeling on the middle of my back where i cant reach to put lotion! And to make things even worse, i cant reach my back to get all the peeling skin off and so it just continues to itch and drive my absolutely insane! The good news is that the rest of my body is more tan now than burnt and it doesnt hurt anymore. Hopefully this peeling and itching doesnt last long and this torture will subside in a few days.

Published Jul 27, 2010, 11:10am

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