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So here is a pretty intense story!

This last weekend I had drill. Drill is the weekend out of every month that I go train for the Marine Corps. During this drill weekend I was assigned to carry the reciever of a .50 Caliber machine gun. Pretty cool, huh? Not really! The machine gun is called a HEAVY machine gun for a reason. It's HEAVY! I had to carry it to our camp site, which was only about an eighth of a mile, but that is still a long way to carry a hunk of metal. Well.. as I was trying to get a better grip on this machine gun, it slipped and slammed against my thigh. Sitting in my pocket was my poor little phone who didn't stand a chance against the weight of the .50 Cal. The screen shattered and now looks like a colorful rainbow. It was a sad day for Zach. Not to worry though, I have just recieved a new LG Shine in the mail today and im happy as a clam.

Published Mar 12, 2009, 12:50pm

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