Testing Center


Testing Center Procedures

  1. All students MUST show picture ID. (No exceptions)
  2. All students need to register and sign in.
  3. Books and belongings will be placed on the bookcase.
  4. Students taking the same test must sit away from each other.
  5. Students are NOT ALLOWED to leave the testing center while they are taking a test, unless they have their instructor's consent.
  6. All students that are taking a test MUST be given a cup that corresponds to the rules of the test. Proctors need to hand all test-takers the appropriate cup.
    Blue - Open book, open notes, may use calculator
    Yellow - No book, open notes, may use calculator
    Red - No book, no notes, no calculator, pen/pencil only
    Clear - Calculator only
    Green - Translator or dictionary or book only.
  7. No tutoring in the testing center. Proctors will send MTH 20 & MTH 70 students to the tutoring lab for help on pretests.
  8. No talking or texting.
  9. Drinks are allowed. No food.
  10. Turn off all cellphones, pagers, beepers, etc., and remove ALL headsets/earphones.

* We Supply scratch paper - which is allowed unless otherwise stated.