We Made A Change! 

Are you ready to make yours? 

We are now located on campus in Tioga Hall on the 3rd floor. The space has been remodeled to improve student learning. New computers and small and large study spaces will provide an improved learning environment. Our location close to the library, Empire Cafeteria and the Math Lab provides students with a more comprehensive campus experience. Tioga is the tall building on campus so it is easy to find. Elevators are centrally located, as well as, stairs on the both sides of the building. 

For more information call 541.888.1593.

Your Future is Calling!  

You’re just a few small steps away from getting a better job, going to college and getting the respect you deserve. The Transitional Education Program, an integration of the college’s adult non-credit programs (Adult Basic Skills, GED, and ESL), provides access to information, practice of skills, and resources. We provide instruction to help you increase your skills in Mathematics, Reading, Writing, and English to prepare you for success in the workforce and future education programs. We also provide classes designed to prepare you to take the GED exams. Please call 541.888.1593 or stop by the 3rd floor of Tioga Hall at SWOCC .

The Transitional Education Program, an integration of the college’s adult non-credit programs (Adult Basic Skills, GED, and ESL), provides access to information, practice of skills, and resources. A variety of classes and support services are available to prepare participants for success in their families and communities, the workforce, and future education programs. GED, Skills Upgrade, and ESL classes are also available at other sites and at a distance. Stop in between 8 - 5 weekdays at the Coos Campus to visit and talk with us. We'll answer a call or email too.

What is the GED test?
It is a four-subject high school equivalency test including Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning Through Language Arts. After earning the GED credential, Oregon Department of Education will award those, but GED transcripts can be used immediately to apply to college and Federal Financial Aid, start training, or get a better job.

How do I get started?
Contact the location closest to you. Sign up, learn about the college, then start classes.

What does it cost?
Study at the college for $50 per term. The GED test costs $152 for 4 tests or $38 each.

How long will it take?
Everybody is different, so can't answer exactly. We expect students to work 12 hours per week. Most students that work at least that for one term enter college or start GED testing.

What is the passing GED score?
150 x 4 = 600 points minimum. On each of the 4 sections of the 2014 GED© test, answer a little more than half the questions correctly to earn at least 150 of 200 possible points on each subject to pass.

Transitional Education offers classes for adults to learn to pass the 2014 GED test. Students can work at the college 5 weekdays, some nights, and online to prepare for just $50 per term. Students 16 -18 are eligible to enroll but must have a signed referral from the high school where they live.

Referral Form

Testing & Accommodations
GED testing is available through SWOCC's Coos Bay Campus by appointment only through the MyGED.com website. All accommodations begin with MyGED. Read more here.

2014 GED Information

Test Overview at Youtube - look at this first

Detailed Test Information

DiplomasenderGED Transcripts  
SWOCC cannot verify GED testing. Get official records from Diploma Sender. Online go to Diploma Sender. Complete the form and pay Check email. Call if no Internet toll free at 1.855.313.5799

Free Practice Tests
These are one third length examples that demonstrate what the real test looks like. Be sure to record your answers on paper. OK, again, the computer will NOT remember your answers.

For us to help you, you must write your answers on paper.

To have a good guess at knowing if you can pass, see if you can answer a little more than half the questions. Link out to the site to start here.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes provide instruction in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Transitional Education offers beginning through intermediate classes.

Cost: $50 per term  

Call 541.888.7116 for more information

Study at Southwestern, but in order to test, people must first sign up for a free, MyGED™ account at https://ged.com/ the online portal to schedule, take practice and official tests, and check scores.  

The updated 2014 GED® test is only available in an official testing center and costs $38 per test; there are 4 tests to total $152.

In Coos Bay, the Testing Center is in Stensland Hall, at Educational Support Programs and Services (ESPS). Call 541.888.7405 or 7371 for information, but all tests must be registered and paid for at MyGED.

Testing appointments are usually available:
Tuesdays - 8am - 3pm
Wednesdays - 9am - 11am
Thursdays - 11am to 3pm

The 2014 GED® test is Internet-based only (paper testing may be available for accommodations only).




What are our students saying?

  • I like the people. Teachers don’t criticize. They want you to learn.
    Maggie Boone // Student
  • I want my GED to get a better job. A GED will make my life better.
    Glen Mackedanz // Student
  • I like it here. It is a nice place to get started. They help you to score higher on the GED.
    Nicole Divine // Student
  • Classes are fairly well structured. I have been home schooled all my life and I like the structure and the teachers.
    Zac Taylor // Students
  • It’s fun. I like to get out of the house more often and do school and learn some more.
    Nikki Grayson // Student