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10,000 Hours or 20 Hours?

In order for us to help, all students need to tell us a few things. We aren't here to pry but need important details like "I'm planning to move to Nevada next month," or "To get to school next week, I'll need money for rent and gas," or "I'm just here to get my GED." People come to school for some reason. Knowing that will help us help you.

Complete the Learner Career Plan on Page 4

We need details and dates: when will you complete your first 20 hours of classes; when will you take the first practice test; and when will you complete your financial aid forms?


Then fill out the Barriers and Solutions on Page 5

Show both of these to staff.



In classes we want a few focused hours of work from you. We plan to:

  1. Deconstruct Skills
    We'll break hard stuff into bite-sized bits to practice
  2. Get you to learn enough to self-correct
    We'll show you a couple times, but you need to learn how to learn
  3. Convince you to limit barriers to good practice
    Multitasking is a myth. Turn off your phone, your family, your friends, your whatever, and really work for a little while. Then, do it again after checking in with us.
  4. Practice at least 20 hours...unless you're planning to be an expert in math or the GED.

Check the Ted Talk by Josh Kaufman on The First 20 Hours

Fill out the form on Page 6


Now go work on a written introduction, Supplements, and Assessments.

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