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About the Transitional Education program

The Transitional Education Program, an integration of the college’s adult non-credit programs (Adult Basic Skills, GED, and ESL), provides access to information, practice of skills, and resources. A variety of classes and support services are available to prepare participants for success in their families and communities, the workforce, and future education programs.

GED, Skills Upgrade, and ESL classes are also available at other sites and at a distance. Stop in between 8 - 5 weekdays at the Coos Campus to visit and talk with us. We'll answer a call or email too.

This is not a children’s school.

  • Everything starts with Assessments
    We’ll ask questions you don’t know answers to – that has to be OK
    We're trying to find just the stuff you need
    That might be different than others
  • Adults are internally motivated
    There are no grades here
    Monitor your self-esteem. We’ll be cheerleaders
  • Adults learn differently than children
    We learn just as well or better
  • Other adults, the staff here, needs your feedback
    Students MUST take notes on what goes great what isn’t working.

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