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Supplements, Assessments, and Introduction


Most students work the majority of their first days at Transitional Education on learning about software tools for learning, assessing what they know, and writing a sample essay response and personal introduction in email to instructors. The instructions for those are on this page, but completing them will link outside this website.

Supplements for Instruction

  • Skillstutor - huge, free to Oregon college students, online textbook collection
    Page 6 & 7 in Student Folder, about 30 minutes, record results
  • No email? Go make that first at Google
    make and account and record in the blue folder
  • Need practice using the computer?  Go to Digital Literacy
    Good lessons there for learning about computers
  • Freerice - good free time practice in spelling, math facts, etc.
    http://freerice.com/user/register - make an account and record in the blue folder
  • Typingweb - keyboarding practice. Get to 40 WPM.
    http://www.typingweb.com/tutor/ - make an account and record in the blue folder
  • Scoreboost - good addition to classes, especially for GED prep
    http://scoreboost.newreaderspress.com/login/signup.php - make an account, link out from email, and record in the blue folder


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