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Student Folders

Students folders / Blue folders

They stay here at school and are for staff to know your details and plans – we can get other notebooks for homework.
Put your name on the folder and circle the network logon details on the front page. To complete the Welcome, finish everything on that list.

We want you at college at least 12 hours, between 1 and 5 days every week, and finally you must record progress and meet with staff, just like a check-in. But. Every. Week.

  • Monday through Friday for classes and/or labs 9 – 2:30,
  • Structured work on your own: here or at home,
  • Monday & Wednesday evenings for anything/everything 6 – 9
Classes meet for about 90 minutes. We'll want you to go to 4 classes. On the very back page, record when you can come to class in the blue folder.

Completing the Welcome

It means finishing everything named on the first page of the blue folder which usually takes about 12 hours. 

Completed students will be able to:

  1. Schedule classes
  2. Know the Facility
  3. Use supplements like Skillstutor
  4. Email a written introduction with photo
  5. Make a Writing sample & Feedback
  6. Name a Learner Career Plan
  7. Name Barriers & Solutions
  8. Pass the GED Test Quiz explaining test basics, MyGED, Item Samplers, and OPTs
  9. Have a Laker Card and student number
  10. Finish a Welcome Evaluation

OK, after completing registration forms and naming/writing a class schedule, move on to learn about the Transitional Education Program.

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