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The Program

Wait, are you ready to take notes? 

Who was Bill Bowerman? If you don't know keep in mind that you're in Oregon and need to get it together and then go here for a minute. Most importantly, what does that quote mean to you? Back up if needed then write an answer on the back of your class schedule.

For us in Transitional Education, we're here to celebrate people that struggle to learn. In children's school, kids are expected to know the answers the minute they walk in, and the rest of us get mocked if we don't know or need to practice. But not here. Here it will be just the opposite. We're here to support people that are willing to work the smartest helping students work smarter as long as keep trying. Usually that means practice, recording progress, and doing something different then what's gone on in the past.

china kids

Here's a cool story about kids in China. Go here to listen or read. 

But this is not a children’s school.

  • Everything starts with Assessments
    We’ll ask questions you don’t know answers to – that has to be OK
    We're trying to find just the stuff you need
    That might be different than others
  • Adults are internally motivated
    There are no grades here
    Monitor your self-esteem. We’ll be cheerleaders
  • Adults learn differently than children
    We learn just as well or better
  • Other adults, the staff here, needs your feedback
    Students MUST take notes on what goes great what isn’t working.

Now go read this at lifehacker


For now, go take a break and complete the Building Quiz on Page 3. When you come back, go on to decide if you'll work with us for 10,000 hours or 20 hours.

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