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Written Introduction

Write a short Introduction in email telling the other students about yourself. Use just your first name and be general so everyone can get to know you. Email it to acollins@socc.edu and curtis.buell@socc.edu. After that, get a digital picture from Chris unless you can send us one.

Write about:

  • Where you were born 
  • What neighborhood you live in
  • Your car or cool stuff
  • Your job
  • Your kids or family
  • Your hobbies
  • Your school history

Anthony's Example

Hi, my name’s Anthony.

I’ve  lived in North Bend with my wife, 1 middle school boy, and 1 elementary school girl for about 10 years. 


I’ve been in college a lot, but that’s after dropping out 4 different times. I teach full time+, but my real passion lately has been cross country running specifically and track and field generally. I started working with people on preparing for the GED test series in 1984, but I really like to meet new people to work and learn with.

If finished with your Writing Assessment and all the Supplemental stuff, move on to learn about the GED Test (click on GED left of here), credit programs at SWOCC (click on Career Pathways left of here).

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