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General Education Development (GED)

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Transitional Education offers classes for adults to learn to pass the 2014 GED test. Students can work at the college 5 weekdays, some nights, and online to prepare for just $50 per term. Students 16 -18 are eligible to enroll but must have a signed referral from the high school where they live.

Testing & Accommodations

GED testing is available through SWOCC's Coos Bay Campus by appointment only through the MyGED.com website. All accommodations begin with MyGED. Read more here.

2014 GED Information

Test Overview at Youtube - look at this first

Detailed Test Information

GED Transcripts

  1. SWOCC cannot verify GED testing. Get official records from Diploma Sender. Online go to https://www.diplomasender.com/
  2. Complete the form and pay
  3. Check email
  4. Call if no Internet toll free at 1-855-313-5799

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