What Our Students Say

Students 1
Maggie Boone and Naomi Dickenson

Maggie Boone and Naomi Dickenson
Maggie – I like the people. Teachers don’t criticize. They want you to learn.
Naomi – It‘s worth getting up early every morning. My friend talked to me about getting my GED and coming with her. The teachers don’t just hand out the assignments. They explain it and you can take as much time as needed. You can take the time to learn it.

Student 2
Glen Machedanz

Glen Mackedanz
I want my GED to get a better job. When I worked in another state I could get a job with just work references.  Here a GED is required.  A GED will make my life better.

Student 3
 Jr Wheeler

JR Wheeler
If my dad can do it I can do it. The classes here are very well structured. Teachers really break down the lessons for the students. It makes it really easy to study. Even if you think you know how to do a math problem, listen to the teachers. They may know an easier way to do it.

JR wants to attend college next year and would like to be on the wrestling team. He is interested in Fire Science or Welding.

Student 4
Nicole Devine

Nicole Divine
I like it here. It is a nice place to get started. They help you to score higher on the GED. (Students scoring high on the GED test receive college tuition waivers.) The teachers are more like friends and they help you. They keep you encouraged. They know we’re here for a reason and they take it seriously.

Student 5
Zac Taylor

Zac Taylor
Classes are fairly well structured. I have been home schooled all my life and I like the structure and the teachers.

Student 6
Nikki Grayson

Nikki Grayson
It’s fun. I like to get out of the house more often and do school and learn some more. I like to get out and meet new people. I met a bunch of my new friends here.

Student 7
Dustin Gilkey

Dustin Gilkey
It’s hard to start life without an education so I came to get my GED and hope to go to college some day. The reason I am here is for my family. (Dustin is the father of a new born little girl.)

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