How to Apply


  • You can participate if you attend one of the following target schools:
    • Middle Schools
      • Millicoma Intermediate School (6th grade only)
      • Sunset Middle School
      • North Bend Middle School
    • High Schools
      • Marshfield High School (UB is high school only)
      • North Bend High School (UB is high school only)
      • Reedsport High School
      • Coquille High School
      • Myrtle Point High School
      • Powers High School
      • Bandon High School
      • Pacific High School
      • Brookings/Harbor High School
      • Gold Beach High School
  • Are at least 11 years old and in the sixth grade
  • Parents or legal guardian did not graduate from a four-year college
  • Qualify within the income eligibility requirements
  • Are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States


Students and their parents or guardians must complete an application that includes income verification and a parental consent form.

Contact the Talent Search Cooridinator at your school to receive an application, or write, call, or email us.

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