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Online Writing Tutoring

How We Do It

Writing tutors will check email regularly and respond as quickly as possible. TUTORS ARE NOT ALWAYS ONLINE, SO RESPONSES TO YOUR EMAIL SUBMISSIONS ARE NOT INSTANTANEOUS. Usually, we will respond within twenty-four hours.

What We'll Do

We will NOT PROOFREAD OR EDIT drafts of your paper for you. We will review your essay and offer suggestions for improvement. We will also answer questions about your paper: the focus, introduction, conclusion, development of ideas, organization, and use of research. 

What to Send and How to Send It 

  • Send an email to: onlinewritingtutor@socc.edu
  • Include the following in your email: 
    • Your name, the course, and instructor 
    • The instructor's description of the assignment
    • Specific questions about the help you need. For example: Is my thesis clear? Is paragraph 4 developed?
  • Send the pages you wish to have reviewed as an attachment or copy and paste them into the email.

Tutors will usually respond within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, send your e-mail request again.

Requests for online writing tutoring/assistance must be done through your student email address which ends in SOCC.edu. Emails not submitted from your student email address will not be accepted.


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