Dual Admission and Enrollment Programs

young manSouthwestern Oregon Community College (Southwestern) and the State of Oregon acting by and through the State Board of Higher Education on behalf of the Oregon University System agree to work together to promote successful undergraduate education experiences for students.

The purpose of such work is to:

  • Expand student options and choices for college services and curriculum.
  • Make it possible for students to be co-admitted to and dually-enrolled in both institutions.
  • Facilitate student success and satisfaction by providing access to the full breadth and depth of programs and services at both institutions.
  • Increase enrollments at both institutions.
  • Use resources at both institutions more effectively.

Dual Admission and Degree Partnership Programs
This program is designed to promote student success and retention and to create a greater seamless educational experience for students on the southern coast of Oregon. It allows students to continue under the catalog year which they begin (within a set time limit). One application is required for this program. The fee for dual admissions/degree partnership programs is significantly less than applying to two colleges. This program allows students early access to advising opportunities at the University of Oregon and OSU.  Students in the Program will have access to a wider array of choices for academic planning that will permit increased individualization of academic programs to meet personal goals, preferences, and needs.

Dual Enrollment
This program is designed to create a greater seamless educational experience for students on the southern coast of Oregon through simultaneous enrollment at Southwestern and a two or a four-year college, public or private.  This option requires a consortium agreement be signed by both institutions so that credits from both institutions may be considered for financial aid funding.

Universities and colleges currently approved for dual enrollment include: