Southwestern Oregon Community College Celebrates Its 2022 Graduates

Southwestern Oregon Community College Celebrates Its 2022 Graduates

Coos Bay, OR – Southwestern Oregon Community College’s 2022 Commencement Ceremony takes place on Friday, June 10, 2022, at noon on the Coos campus (1988 Newmark Ave., Coos Bay). For more details concerning the ceremony visit: www.socc.edu/graduation. The celebration will be available for viewing live via our website at www.socc.edu by clicking on the ‘Livestream’ button. Southwestern is proud of the 2022 graduates who have persevered under difficult times. This year the College is pleased to honor a total of 366 graduates, from 21 states and eight countries. Degrees being awarded are: 152 Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer 108 Associate of Applied Science 51 Associate of General Studies 37 Associate of Science 68 Certificates of Completion (one year) Southwestern also congratulates 10 local high school students who acquired their associate degrees at the same time they were getting their high school diplomas. Degrees: Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT); Associate of General Studies (AGS); Associate of Science (AS); Associate of Science Oregon Transfer (ASOT); Associate of Applied Science (AAS); Certificate of Completion (CERT).


FIRST LAST DEGREE DEGREE NAME Phi Theta Kappa (PK) Graduating with Honors (GH) * Co-Valedictorian City/State/Country
Kady Acuna Vega AAOT     Coos Bay
Brock Adams AAS CIS Digital Design GH Bandon
Brock Adams CERT Digital Design GH Bandon
Trystan Ah Yat AAS Fire Science   Pukalani, HI
Shawnah Alanis AAS Nursing   Brookings
Carelynn Albrecht AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Melanie Alvarado-Lopez AAOT     Crescent City, CA
Aidan Anselmo AAS Culinary Arts GH Las Vegas, NV
Aidan Anselmo CERT Culinary Arts GH Las Vegas, NV
Shyler Antis AAOT   GH Coos Bay
Cheyenne Arbuckle AAS Business Management/Entrepreneurship GH Coos Bay
Matthew Archer AAOT     Watford, United Kingdom
Christa Arndt AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Christa Arndt AAOT     Coos Bay
Christa Arndt AGS     Coos Bay
Brandon Arreola-Soto AAOT   GH Coos Bay
Audra Ashcraft AAOT     Coos Bay
Logan Ault AAOT     North Bend
Domine Austin AAS Nursing   Brookings
Gerardo Avila AGS     La Porte, TX
Brandon Bahm AAOT     North Bend
Haley Bailey AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Garrett Baird AAOT     Coquille
Cade Baker AGS     Bonner, MT
Kevin Ballard AS Forestry Management   Coos Bay
Esmeralda Banuelos AAOT     Bakersfield, CA
Freddy Barajas AGS     White City
Jasmine Barker AAOT     Coos Bay
Alexander Barry AAOT     Sacramento, CA
Steven Baxter, Jr. AAS CIS Cybersecurity   North Bend
Natalie Beck AAOT   GH Pocatello, ID
Haley Bennett AAOT     North Bend
Paxson Berry AAOT     Moose Pass, AK
Hunter Betzinger AAS Paramedicine   Visalia, CA
Conner Bingham AAOT     Hillsboro
Duncan Blackmon AAOT     Burley, ID
Leah Bollé-Van Loo CERT Dental Assisting   North Bend
Lanaeya Botelho AAOT     Crescent City, CA
Emma Bouchat AAS Paramedicine GH Waldport
Louise Brenner AAOT     Forest Grove
Christopher Bricker AGS     Coos Bay
Christine Brown CERT Medical Assistant   Gold Beach
Logan Burden CERT Welding   Grants Pass
Marina Burfield AAS Paramedicine   Coos Bay
Brittany Bye AS     Oakdale, CA
Juan Caballero AAS Nursing GH Coos Bay
Jena Capps ASOT Oregon Transfer Business   Gold Beach
Maria Carreno Yanez CERT Medical Assistant   Coos Bay
Heather Casas AAOT   GH Coos Bay
Ashley Cates-Erhart AAOT     North Bend
Alison Cecil AS Criminal Justice GH* Portland
LaShawn Cervantes AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Everett Chandler AAOT     Eugene
Christian Chase AGS     Coos Bay
Eden Chereek AAS Welding   Coos Bay
Cali Colborn AAS Baking Management   Bremerton, WA
Ryan Cooper AGS   GH Star, ID
Shanon Cowan ASOT Oregon Transfer Business   Brookings
Brooklynn Cox AAOT     Brush, CO
Audrey Cox AAS Baking and Pastry Arts   North Bend
Audrey Cox CERT Baking and Pastry Arts   North Bend
Lloyd Crawford AAOT     Coos Bay
Shasta Cunningham CERT Dental Assisting   North Bend
Skyler Curwen AAOT     Reno, NV
Kelly Cutler AAS Baking and Pastry Arts GH Prosper, TX
Kelly Cutler CERT Baking and Pastry Arts GH Prosper, TX
Austin Cybulski CERT Emergency Medical Services Technician II   Sterling Heights, MI
Austin Cybulski AAS Paramedicine   Sterling Heights, MI
Jacob Dalrymple AAOT     Las Vegas, NV
Melissa Davidson CERT Medical Clerical GH Gold Beach
Chrysalis Davis AGS     Brookings
Cali Davis AGS     North Bend
Andrew Dawson AGS   PTK Gold Beach
Elias DeAndrea AAOT   GH North Bend
Olivia Debban AAOT     Roseburg
Kaitlin Denton AS Childhood Education and Family Studies   Gold Beach
Danielle Derkaoui AGS     Coos Bay
Cherish Despain AAOT     Travis AFB, CA
Malia Deutschman AAS Nursing   Eugene
Benjamin Devlin AS Chemistry   Mesa, AZ
Drew Diefenbaugh AAS Nursing   North Bend
Mackenzie Dimond AAOT   GH Hunt, ID
John Dombroski AAS Baking and Pastry Arts   Fall River Mills, CA
John Dombroski CERT Baking and Pastry Arts   Fall River Mills, CA
Kylee Dombroski AAS Business Management/Entrepreneurship   Fall River Mills, CA
John Dombroski AAS Culinary Arts   Fall River Mills, CA
John Dombroski CERT Culinary Arts   Fall River Mills, CA
Micah Dominque AAOT     Bettendorf, IA
Keura Donhoff AAOT     Coos Bay
Emile Dost AAOT     Drenthe, Netherlands
Alicia Douglas AAS Accounting GH Norfolk, VA
Alicia Douglas CERT Accounting Clerk GH Norfolk, VA
Klista Dreveskracht AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Trisha Dreyer AAS CIS Digital Design   Coquille
Trisha Dreyer CERT Digital Design   Coquille
Myri Dublin CERT Culinary Arts   Portland
Myri Dublin AAS Culinary Arts   Portland
Lindsay Duckett AAS Baking and Pastry Arts   Redding, CA
Lindsay Duckett CERT Baking and Pastry Arts   Redding, CA
Katherine Duncan AAS Baking and Pastry Arts GH Corvallis
Katherine Duncan CERT Baking and Pastry Arts GH Corvallis
Dre’Sean Eagleton AAOT     Dallas
Quinn Earle AGS     Coos Bay
Hilana Ely AAOT     Nixon, NV
Lexy Embry AAS Business Management/Entrepreneurship   Coos Bay
Amanda Entgelmeier CERT Dental Assisting   Coos Bay
Jaden Entgelmeier AAOT     Coos Bay
Cassandra Escovedo AAOT     Boise, ID
Evelyn Ethington AAOT   GH Springville, UT
Tapanga Eubanks AGS     Salem
Andrew Evans AAOT     Cave Junction
Lydia Evans AAOT     The Dalles
Khaleb Fields AGS     Hillsboro
Kinnon Finder AGS     South Ogden, UT
Brooke Firestone AAOT   GH Brookings
Jesse Flannery AAS Nursing   Springfield
Kelsey Flores CERT Dental Assisting   Coquille
Adolfo Flores Rodriguez AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Taylar Floyd CERT Medical Assistant   Coos Bay
Kadie Forderer AAS Nursing   North Bend
Trinity Forester AAOT     North Bend
Lyle Fortune AAOT   GH Johannesburg, South Africa
Bethany Foster-Barker AGS     Roseburg
Sabastian Foucher AAS Welding   Reno, NV
Brayden Franzke AAOT     Damascus
Khristina Fulkerson AS Forestry Management   Coos Bay
Khristina Fulkerson AS Natural Resources   Coos Bay
Kijana Gantenbein AAS Nursing GH/PTK Salt Lake City, UT
Kyra Gibson AAOT     Coquille
Casey Gillett AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Tahzmere Givens AAOT     Columbus, OH
Michelle Gochnour AAOT     North Bend
Grayson Goodale AAS Paramedicine   Hilo, HI
Christian Gordon AAS Nursing   Las Vegas, NV
Parker Gotfried ASOT Oregon Transfer Business   Brookings
Allison Graham CERT Medical Assistant   Coquille
Nicolas Graham AAS Culinary Arts GH* Running Springs, CA
Nicolas Graham CERT Culinary Arts GH* Running Springs, CA
Catherine Grant CERT Medical Assistant   Coos Bay
Julia Graves AAOT     Coos Bay
Maegan Grogan AAOT   GH* Wasilla, AK
Jennifer Gunn AAS Medical Assistant   North Bend
Jennifer Gunn CERT Medical Assistant   North Bend
Roman Guthrie AS     Delta, BC, Canada
Elpidio Gutierrez CERT Welding   Coos Bay
Kayla Gutierrez AAS Nursing   Vista, CA
Camryn Guzman AAOT     Bandon
Esmeralda Guzman AAOT     Elk Grove, CA
Amara Halverson AAOT     Portland
Timothy Hamm AAS Police Science   Gold Beach
Jackson Hammar AGS     North Bend
Andrew Hansen AAS Welding   Ferndale, CA
Sonia Haro AAOT     Brookings
Danny Hawthorne AAOT   GH* Gold Beach
Alexis Helton AAOT     Yakima, WA
Alana Henderson AAOT   GH Wendover, UT
Amber Hendrickson AAOT     Idaho
William Hennum AGS     Philomath
Hailee Herman AS     Coos Bay
Jasmine Herrera AAS Nursing   Los Angeles, CA
Stephanie Higgins AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Stephanie Higgins AAOT     Coos Bay
Tyler Hill AS     North Bend
Madison Hinkley AAOT     Lewiston, ID
Oi Wai Ho AGS     Hong Kong, China
Katie Horn AAOT     Brookings
Alyson Hoskinson AAS CIS Digital Design   Bandon
Alyson Hoskinson CERT Digital Design   Bandon
Kelsie Hoskinson AS Elementary Education   Bandon
Kristen Hostetler AAS Accounting   Florence
Kristen Hostetler CERT Accounting Clerk   Florence
Chase Howerton AAS Fire Science GH Coos Bay
John Hudson IV AAOT     Brookings
Alyssa Hutchings AGS     North Bend
Addalee Isaacson AGS     Stary Valley, WY
Clarissa Jeffries AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Courney Jeffs AAOT   GH Coos Bay
Weston Jennings AAS Nursing   Bandon
Jacqueline Jennings AAOT     Virginia Beach, VA
Gracie Jensen AAOT   GH Coos Bay
Andrea Jensen AAS Nursing   North Bend
Matthew Johnson AAOT     Coquille
Joshua Johnson, Jr AAS Accounting   Myrtle Point
Joshua Johnson, Jr CERT Accounting Clerk   Myrtle Point
Ethan Johnston AAOT     Coos Bay
Jessica Jones AAOT     Coquille
Jalen Jones AAOT   GH Las Vegas, NV
Ellyzabeth Jones AAOT   GH North Bend
Jamie Jones AAOT     Salisbury, MD
Trinity Jordan AAS Police Science   Elk Grove, CA
Cianna Jorgenson AAOT   GH Palmer, AK
Madison Kaneko AGS   GH Salt Lake City, UT
Brittany Kelley AAS Nursing   North Bend
Lochlan Kelsay CERT Accounting Clerk   North Bend
Lochlan Kelsay AAOT     North Bend
Lochlan Kelsay AGS     North Bend
Lochlan Kelsay AS     North Bend
Libbey Ketchum AGS   GH Roseburg
Ethyn Killinger AS Physics GH Spokane, WA
Taylor Kinney AAS Baking Management   Dayton, NV
Kristin Kirchgesler AAOT   GH* Port Orford
Heather Kirkby-Carpenter AAS Nursing   North Bend
Heather Kirkby-Carpenter AAOT     North Bend
Lauren Klapper AAOT     Tonopah, NV
Karly Joanne Klein-McMahon AAOT     Ketchikan, AK
Kara Klietz AS Natural Resources GH Frenchtown, MT
Paige Knudsen AAOT   GH North Bend
Ashley Kramer AAOT     Brookings
Brittney Kubli AAOT     North Bend
Holly Lais ASOT Oregon Transfer Business   Florence
Rainey Lambert AAOT     Roseburg
Giaan Langford AS     Oklahoma City, OK
Regan Lavoie AS Forestry Management   North Bend
Mandy Lawson AAOT     Coos Bay
Jason Liddell AAOT   PK Brookings
Ryan Liggett CERT Welding   Coos Bay
Krista Lindt AGS     Coos Bay
Erica Londagin AAS Nursing GH North Bend
Skylar Long CERT Welding   Burlington, IA
Harley Loper AAOT     Coos Bay
Heather Loper AAOT   GH New Brunswick, NJ
Dylan Lopez AAOT     Oxnard, CA
Hannah Lowell AAOT     Myrtle Creek
Ximena Lucio Calzada ASOT Oregon Transfer Business GH Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico
Maria Manning CERT Medical Assistant   Mayer, AZ
Samantha Mansfield AAOT     Elk Grove, CA
Chelsea Mansfield AAOT     Myrtle Point
Brogan Markel CERT Welding   North Bend
Christian Marriott-Taylor AAOT     Kapolei, HI
McKenna Marshall AGS     Brentwood, CA
Jacob Mathias AAS Computer Information Systems   Ashland
Kristin Mayer CERT Welding   Coos Bay
Kaliakeanukoakilakilaokaimiloa McCabe AAOT     Lahaina, HI
Mandy McCaffree AAS Nursing   North Bend
Dylan McConville AGS     Portland
Melinda McCormick CERT Pharmacy Technician   Coos Bay
Nadia McCormick AAOT   GH Coquille
Nadia McCormick AS   GH Coquille
Riley McCulloch AAS CIS Digital Design   Coos Bay
Riley McCulloch CERT Digital Design GH Coos Bay
Kristen McGarity AGS     Coos Bay
Dallas McGill ASOT Oregon Transfer Business   Reedsport
Cameron McGrew AAOT     Conifer, CO
Maryn McGuire AAS CIS Digital Design GH Tualatin
Maryn McGuire CERT Digital Design GH Tualatin
Maycee Merritt CERT Pharmacy Technician   Coos Bay
Philip Metz AAOT   GH Coos Bay
Alexis Millan AAOT     Coos Bay
Juan Millan Figueroa AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Kallie Moldt AAOT     Coos Bay
Makayla Monroe CERT Pharmacy Technician   Coos Bay
Lisa Montez AS     Coos Bay
Samantha Moore AAOT     Reedsport
Marion Moranetz AAOT   GH Medford
Deanna Morgan CERT Accounting Clerk   Coos Bay
Keiakaleikolani Morris AAOT     North Bend
Natalie Moss AAS Nursing   North Bend
Elizabeth Mulanax AAS Welding   Indiana
Jan Murray AGS     Paradise, CA
Jan Murray AS     Paradise, CA
Max Myrick AAS Culinary Arts   McKinleyville, CA
Max Myrick CERT Culinary Arts   McKinleyville, CA
Mai Nakamura AAOT   GH* Nagano, Japan
Destiny Navarrete AAOT     Victorville, CA
Jett Nelson AAS Welding   Boise, ID
Tran Nguyen CERT Pharmacy Technician   North Bend
Lisa Noonan CERT Childhood Education & Family Studies, Preschool Children, Education and Development II GH McMinnville
Lisa Noonan AAS Preschool Child Development GH McMinnville
Adam Nordin AAS Paramedicine   North Bend
Joshua Nowotny AAOT     Coquille
Ransford Ntow AGS     Bronx, NY
Elizabeth Nunneley AAOT     Springfield
Joseph Oliver CERT Welding   Coos Bay
Traci Olson AGS     North Bend
Natalie Osborne AAOT   GH* McArthur, CA
Valerie Osborne AAOT     Oakdale, CA
Bryan Osorio AAOT     Coos Bay
Haley Parker AAOT     Coos Bay
Brandon Partosan AAS Culinary Arts   Bay City
Brandon Partosan CERT Culinary Arts   Bay City
Andrea Pedrini AAOT     Stockton, CA
Karina Perez Martinez AAS Nursing   Coquille
Kase Peterson AGS   GH Herriman, UT
Carter Philbrick AAS Culinary Arts   Phoenix
Carter Philbrick CERT Culinary Arts   Phoenix
Kinsey Pierce AAS Paramedicine   Miles City, MT
Gina Podesta AAOT     Brookings
Neo Powell AGS     Brooklyn, NY
Amanda Powley AAS Nursing GH North Bend
Lindsey Putman AAOT     Coos Bay
Crystal Ramirez-Garcia AAS Medical Assistant GH North Bend
Crystal Ramirez-Garcia CERT Medical Assistant GH North Bend
Karli Ranson AAS Nursing   Reedsport
Kristine Reasor AAS Nursing   North Bend
Isaac Reyna ASOT Oregon Transfer Business   North Bend
Isaac Reyna AGS     North Bend
Joel Reyna AAOT     North Bend
Christy Reynolds AAS Nursing   Brookings
Ian Richwine AAS Computer Information Systems   Vallejo, CA
Reya Rieke AAS Police Science   Helene, MT
Halen Riness AAOT     Salt Lake City, UT
Jenifer Risenhoover AS Criminal Justice   Gold Beach
Marissa Ritchie AAOT     Riverside, CA
Carrie Rivington AGS     Port Orford
Carrie Rivington AS     Port Orford
Carrie Robertson AAOT     Charleston
Carrie Robertson AS     Eugene
Robert Rodriguez AS Chemical Engineering   Rupert, ID
Robert Rodriguez AS Chemistry   Rupert, ID
Daisy Rogers AAS Nursing   Brookings
Audrey Rooney AAOT     Bainbridge Island, WA
Karina Rosales Osorio CERT Dental Assisting   Coos Bay
Bethany Rowe AAS Nursing   Coquille
Kareem Rowe AGS     Reno, NV
Sean Rucker AAOT     Independence, MO
Hope Rush AAS CIS Digital Design   Port Orford
Hope Rush CERT Digital Design   Port Orford
Kiana Sandberg-Holley AGS     Coos Bay
Savannah Sanders AAS Nursing   Brookings
Sharadee Sands AS     Window Rock, AZ
Brayden Saranto AAS Culinary Arts   Eagle, ID
Brayden Saranto CERT Culinary Arts   Eagle, ID
Amanda Sartor AAS Nursing   Coos Bay
Taiga Sato AAOT     Tokyo, Japan
Stephanie Sell AAOT     Burns
McKenzie Shaw AAS Baking and Pastry Arts   Grants Pass
McKenzie Shaw CERT Baking and Pastry Arts   Grants Pass
Kayla Shedrick AAOT     Junction City
Brady Shults AGS     Palmer, AK
Pierce Simmerman AAS Culinary Arts   Florence
Pierce Simmerman CERT Culinary Arts   Florence
Rhylee Sinks AAOT   GH* Salem
Holly Slater AS     Gold Beach
Gracie Slater AAS Business Management/Entrepreneurship GH Myrtle Point
Hadassah Slater AAS Business Management/Entrepreneurship GH* Myrtle Point
Hezekiah Slater CERT Welding   Myrtle Point
Wyatt Smith AGS     Albuquerque, NM
Michael Smith ASOT Oregon Transfer Business   Brookings
Julie Smith AAOT     Coquille
Elena Smith AAS Culinary Arts GH Murphys, CA
Elena Smith CERT Culinary Arts GH Murphys, CA
Sydney Smith AGS     Racine, WI
Alyssa Smokey AGS     Gardnerville
Connor Spanos AAOT   GH Seward, AK
Kameron Stading AGS     Grants Pass
Gracie Staples AAOT     Jackson, GA
Lucas Stephens AAS CIS Cybersecurity GH* Coos Bay
Lucas Stephens AAS Computer Information Systems GH* Coos Bay
Brianna Stevens AAS Nursing   North Bend
Carley Streitler AS     Central Point
Kayla Strickler AAOT   GH Coos Bay
Noah Sumibcay AGS     Haiku, HI
Finleigh Sweet AAS Culinary Arts   Saint Helens
Finleigh Sweet CERT Culinary Arts   Saint Helens
Alyssa Takenaka-Gaul AAOT     North Bend
Kimberly Taulman AAOT     Coos Bay
Lily Taylor AAS Culinary Arts   Burns
Lily Taylor CERT Culinary Arts   Burns
Niamh Taylor-Hughes AGS     Wexford, Ireland
Veronica Tello CERT Childhood Education & Family Studies, Preschool Children, Educatoin and Development I   McMinnville
Veronica Tello AAS Preschool Child Development   McMinnville
Hannah Tennant AAOT     Las Vegas, NV
Brock Terry AGS   GH* Herriman, UT
Abbigail Thomas AAOT   GH North Bend
Logan Todd AGS     Roseburg
Tamara Tollett CERT Welding   North Bend
Jamie Tomlinson AAS Nursing   Brookings
Nicholas Topar AAOT     Newport
Johnathon Torres AAS Baking Management GH Eugene
Sydney Trendell AAOT   GH* Coos Bay
Diamond Tschida AAOT     Meridian, ID
LynDea Turner AAOT     Syracuse, UT
Wyatt Uvejzovic AGS     Saratoga Springs, UT
Jason Vanginderen AAS Computer Information Systems   Brookings
Jeffrey Varga AAOT   GH North Bend
Joshua Vest AS     Chico, CA
Brittany Vickoren AAS Paramedicine   North Bend
Seleste Villa AAOT     North Bend
Tige Voorhees AAOT   GH Ogden, UT
Eliana Wageman AAS Culinary Arts   The Dalles
Eliana Wageman CERT Culinary Arts   The Dalles
Leila Walker AAOT     Crescent City
Krista Warren AAOT     Vancouver, WA
Melissa Wathen AAS Nursing   Bandon
Reggie Watson CERT Welding   North Bend
Boone Weatherby CERT Welding   South Lake Tahoe, NV
Eian Webre AAOT     Brookings
Desiree West AGS     Brookings
Kayla White CERT Medical Assistant   Brookings
Myna Whited AAS Nursing   Charleston
Hannah Whitey AAOT     Coos Bay
Courtney Whittaker AAS Nursing   Myrtle Point
Rakel Williams AAOT     Kimberly, ID
Brandt Williams AGS     Monroe, UT
Connor Williams AAOT   GH North Bend
Katelin Wirth AAOT     Flagstaff, AZ
Shawnna Womack AAOT     Gold Beach
Melody Wood AAOT   GH* North Bend
Mitchell Woodbury AAS Culinary Arts   East Wenatchee, WA
Mitchell Woodbury CERT Culinary Arts   East Wenatchee, WA
Brooke Woods CERT Medical Assistant   Brookings
Lexi Work AAOT     North Bend
Nikki Wright AAOT     Coos Bay
Kayla Wyatt AAS Nursing GH Coos Bay
Shawnee Yanes AGS     Coos Bay
Jessica Zyta CERT Medical Assistant   Coos Bay


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