Scientist and 2003 grad Dr. Sarah Kidd poses with her baby and husband.

Dr. Sarah Kidd: Saving salmon

Elise Hamner Alumni

Meet Research Scientist Dr. Sarah Kidd. She started her journey at SWOCC and fell in love with science. Sarah went on to earn a doctoral degree at Portland State University in Environmental Science and Management.

“I truly missed the small classes once I moved into the university. Working closely with teachers who are passionate and eager to share their enthusiasm really inspired me and my own personal education goals,” she said.

Sarah graduated from SWOCC in 2003 with an Oregon Transfer Degree. She went on to win PSU’s Presidential Academic Achievement Award for her work in wetland restoration.

Now, Sarah works outdoors with the Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership to restore wetlands and keep the Columbia healthy. Her research happens in marshes around food webs and finding ways to save salmon. It all started at SWOCC with teachers who cared about what Sarah was learning and her future.

“They met with me one-on-one and I still keep in touch with a few of them,” Sarah said.

Sarah lives in Portland with her baby daughter and celebrity husband Brian Kidd. He’s known as the “Unipiper”, the guy who rides around the city on a unicycle playing bagpipes.