Fall bookstore charging begins

Fall bookstore charging begins

Textbook orders may be placed through the SWOCC Campus Store website: https://bookstore.socc.edu/site_text_options.asp?


In-store pick-up for the Coos Campus will be available during our business hours:
· Summer Hours (ends Sept 4th): Mon – Thur 8A-12P, 1P-4P.
· Fall Hours (begins Sept 8th): Mon-Fri 8A-12P, 1P-4P.
· An e-mail will be sent to your Campus Store login e-mail to alert you when you’re order is ready for pick-up.

All patrons will be required to sanitize their hands and wear a face covering upon entering the Campus Store. If you do not have a face covering, a complimentary one can be provided for you.

Only 3 people are allowed inside the Campus Store at one time. This DOES NOT include Campus Store staff. If there someone waiting to come in due to max capacity, you will be asked to exit out the emergency exit door (the alarm will not go off).


For the quickest delivery, we recommend shipping your order directly to your address. Items selected for “in store” pickup will be available for pickup on the Curry campus on or around Sept 14.


1. Click on the online bookstore: https://bookstore.socc.edu/site_text_options.asp?

2. Use the drop-downs to select the term (Fall) and course(s) you want to purchase books for. In this case,

a. First drop-down: Choose your desired term.

b. Second drop-down: Choose your Class Department (Business, Writing, etc.)

c. Third drop-down: Choose your Course Number (101, 121, etc.)

d. Fourth drop-down: Choose your section (last two #’s after course number)

e. Click “Add Course to List” button at the bottom. You can add multiple classes at once.

f. When done adding courses, click “Shop For My Books” button located at the bottom right.

3. This page will show you the textbooks/course materials required for the class(es) selected.

a. Some courses have “Notes” shown directly under them. They often include instructions on how to choose materials or what to expect for the class.

4. When you’ve added your text/materials, choose Checkout.

5. After reviewing your order, you will be asked to sign into your account. This is your bookstore account not My LakerLink.

a. If you’ve never purchased through our online bookstore, please choose to Create An Account. Enter in the information, and choose to Continue.

6. The next page will give you shipping options.

7. Then payments – if you’re using Financial Aid, you will see this option there.

8. Continue to place your order until you get to a confirmation page with your order number. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail used to sign in/created for your bookstore account.